Our BBQ trays will include barbecue from the cook-off, coleslaw, and hush-puppies. Proceeds will benefit the Duplin Agri-Community Center Foundation. The winners of the cook-off will be announced at 11 am during the festival. 

Cost: $6

Hogs are donated by Smithfield. 


  • Down East BBQ Boys

  • Back Woods Cooking Team

  • Pickin & Grillin BBQ

  • Beach Boys BBQ

  • Hound Dog BBQ

  • Showtime’s Legit BBQ

  • Fur and Spur BBQ

  • Pork-N-Rec.

  • Defiant Spirits MRC

  • Wicked Pig

  • Captian Charlit’s Cooks

  • Pork Stars

  • Porky’s Defense

  • Rick’s BBQ

  • Ziggy’s Piggy

  • Sauls Fired Up

  • The Grill Father Cooking Team

  • Ring of Fire BBQ

  • County Road BBQ